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Rice University Promotional Materials for Teachers

Thank you for your interest in Rice University. We sincerely appreciate all that elementary, middle and high school instructors do to encourage their students to pursue a university education, and we are happy to support those efforts.

Each year, Rice receives thousands of requests for materials about the university and its admission programs from counselors, educators and, increasingly, from students themselves, as part of college readiness assignments they have received from their instructors. K-12 educators/counselors who wish to request mailed materials as part of an AVID assignment, college fair or similar college readiness activity may use the form below; to verify that received requests relate to official, school-sponsored educational programs, we ask that the email and mailing addresses used when completing the form be associated with the school or school district from which the request originates (i.e., no student home addresses, personal email addresses, etc.).

Because of the high associated cost and the potential for recruiting violations, we regret that we are unable to provide free T-shirts upon request to students or educators; Rice gear may be purchased at our campus book store or ordered online.

Thank you again for your interest in Rice.

Professional development programs for K-12 educators: Check out the university's Center for College Readiness, the Rice-developed Stemscopes curriculum for K-12 students and the free textbooks that Rice makes available to millions of college students nationwide through our OpenStax program.

High school student or college admission counselor: Request brochures from the Office of Admissions.

K-12 students: Visit the university's K-12 Student Resources page for help on school projects.  

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