Student Ambassador Program

History and Overview


The Rice Student Ambassador program was established in 1993 to provide a corps of Rice students with the skills and training necessary to help execute special university functions and represent the university at events both on campus and elsewhere. Rice Student Ambassadors are volunteers who serve without compensation and they are drawn from all academic disciplines and class years. Attempts are made to recruit an equal number of students from each residential college. Students selected to serve remain in the program until their graduation unless they subsequently choose to resign or are asked to leave for engaging in conduct inappropriate to a university ambassador.

The size of the Rice Student Ambassador corps is maintained at about 60 students. A group of this size ensures that an adequate number of students can be assembled for any given activity without compelling any student who may have an academic or personal conflict to participate at a time that is inconvenient. Not every Rice Student Ambassador works every event.

Duties of Rice Student Ambassadors

Rice Student Ambassadors may be called upon to represent the university at social functions both on and off campus; to accompany development officers or other university officials on university business calls; to help plan and execute university functions; and to serve as VIP handlers, campus tour guides, special event facilitators, ushers, etc.

Ambassadors are expected to study and master information on the university and its history, to attend regularly scheduled meetings for continuing training and instruction, and to conduct themselves at all times - not merely during the actual performance of duties - according to the highest standards of personal integrity and decorum.


All assignment announcements will be sent via e-mail. In most cases, you will have 24 hours to respond if you are interested in signing up for an assignment. Because we often have more volunteers than we have spaces to offer, please indicate the following when replying:

  • Why you would be the best candidate for the job?
  • Your special interests, language abilities, related fields of study, international experience, etc., that would assist you with a particular assignment.

This will help us select ambassadors for assignments. In some cases, you may just have the time and want to help, and that is okay too.

For school group and community tours, you are prequalified. Just reply with your willingness to help. (Please be sure to indicate whether this will be your first tour for the year.)

In short, anything that you can tell us that would assist us in making the job assignments will be greatly appreciated. For most events, we will take names for a backup list, just in case someone is needed at the last minute.


All Rice Student Ambassadors are required to participate in a minimum of two different assignments each academic semester. One of these assignments must be a school group tour; the other may be a university event, VIP tour or any other Rice Student Ambassador opportunity. We encourage active participation in as many campus tours and events as your schedule will allow. Students who fail to comply with this rule may be dropped from the Rice Student Ambassador program.

It is the student's responsibility to keep track of the number of events in which he or she participates in order to maintain active status in the program. At the end of each school year, we will review participation records and send an e-mail will be sent to each student who failed to meet the minimum requirements.